Eileen Ashby

Specializing in Relationships and Body-Centered Therapy for Anxiety, Trauma and Stress

916-542-1962 | Sacramento, CA

Eileen Ashby | California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT #93410

Eileen Ashby | California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT #93410

Hello, I’m Eileen!

I’m a Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, but you might also call me:

  • a guide for navigating times of change

  • a mindfulness and body-centered (somatic approach) counselor

  • a trauma therapist

  • a brainspotting specialist

  • a champion for personal growth and transformation

  • a relationship coach

As a counselor in Sacramento, I help individuals find their way through difficult experiences.


Clients come to me as they encounter many of the following:

  • anxiety and stress

  • trauma and PTSD

  • individuals with relationship concerns

  • struggling with meaning and purpose in life

  • Interest in personal growth and self-discovery

  • navigating health challenges and/or chronic pain

  • grief and loss

  • feelings of isolation, depression or withdrawal from life

  • career change, job loss, retirement

  • spiritual and existential crises (especially at mid-life)

  • performance issues or blocks in creativity

  • aging


When we are going through a significant change in our lives it is a sacred time...

A time to honor all the qualities of our humanity—our hopes, fears, doubts, joy, disappointments, frustrations, excitement, sadness, and worries. We need a time and place to talk about it, feel it, and make sense of it all.


I am here to listen, support, and guide.

Furthermore, I can help you:

  • weather the storm of overwhelming emotions
  • refocus on what matters most to you
  • see your strengths
  • connect to your own guiding wisdom
  • move in the direction of your dreams

Whatever the challenge, I invite you to trust in the process and take good care of yourself as you find your way through this new experience. 

My Approach

At the heart of my approach as a therapist is the belief that each of us has an inner wisdom available to help us navigate life’s challenges and live out our dreams.  Many of us stopped listening to this inner voice as we made efforts to gain acceptance within family and society.  When we find ourselves out-of-sync with our intuitive wisdom or inner sense of what we yearn for, we may struggle or suffer a loss of vitality and enthusiasm for the life we lead.

I offer a supportive and non-judgmental approach to nurture your process of self-discovery and reconnection to wholeness. 

Always, I will listen, encourage, guide, and support you in connecting to your own internal wisdom.

"The right way to wholeness is made up of fateful detours and wrong turnings" Carl Jung


Background & Education

I have a diverse background of study in Psychology, Spirituality, and Healing Arts. Areas of study include Jungian/Archetypal Psychology, Trauma-Informed Care, Crisis Intervention, Mindfulness & Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Brainspotting, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Direction, and Shamanism.


  • California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT #93410


  • MA, Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

  • BS, Business Administration, Concentration in Management, Meredith College, Raleigh NC


  • Return 2 Wholeness Counseling and Yoga: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Windows of Hope Counseling Center: Individual, Couples, and Family Counselor

  • WEAVE: Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Counselor

  • SACASA, Southern AZ Center Against Sexual Assault: Trauma Counselor

  • Cottonwood de Tucson: Addiction and Recovery Counselor

Advanced Trainings

  • Certified Brainspotting (BSP) Therapist

  • The Hakomi Method, Mindfulness and Body-Centered Psychotherapy

  • The Medicine Wheel, The Four Winds Society

  • Spiritual Counseling, American Institute of HealthCare Professional

  • The Art of Spiritual Direction, Tacheria Interfaith Spirituality Center

Therapy Fees

50 minute session $120

75 minute session $180 

I reserve a few slots for reduced-fee sessions--please inquire if you are in need of a reduced rate. I also offer referrals if the fee I can provide does not meet your criteria.