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From Conflict to Connection

Let’s be honest—relationships can bring out the best and the worst in us

At our best we are kind, generous, caring, playful, passionate, open, and loving. At our worst, we can do and say hurtful things that are hard to recover from.

If you haven’t figured it all out or your relationship isn’t picture perfect, you are not alone:

Many couples who genuinely care about each other can struggle and lose their way.

But healing is possible! When we recognize we are in pain and don’t want to keep doing what we are doing (because it hurts and we know there must be a better way), we open ourselves to new possibilities. Couples Therapy is a great way to learn and grow from the pain of your relationship breakdowns.

Couples Counselor in Sacramento

Couples come to therapy for many reasons:

  • Arguments or differences go unresolved and the relationship suffers
  • Trust has been broken and you want to rebuild connection, heal from the pain
  • Recovery from an emotional or physical affair
  • You are longing for more emotional and sexual intimacy
  • You or your partner are wondering whether to stay together or end the relationship
  • One or both of you are feeling taken for granted
  • A desire to learn respectful communication, so that you can end shame, blame and criticism
  • You are ready to rebuild your dream for the relationship and rediscover your love for each other

I help couples mend relationships and love more fully! 

Together we will look at your hopes and dreams for the relationship, what attracted you to each other in the first place, and I will help you find new ways to navigate the challenges that are getting in the way of true intimacy. At the very first session, you will learn a simple, effective way to respectfully talk with your partner about the things that really matter.


Get the Support You Need

We all have a natural impulse for wholeness, harmony, and loving connection. With a willingness to learn some new skills, a commitment to be your best self, an open mind toward your partner, I can help you transform even the most difficult aspects of your relationship into opportunities for growth, healing and joy.

  • End recurring arguments
  • Restore intimacy
  • Build trust
  • Learn to communicate your deepest feelings & needs to each other
  • Heal from infidelity


Start your healing journey now! Contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation or make an appointment today.