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Thrive in Mid-Life


Most people come to yoga for the exercise, and along the way find it does so much more. Sure, it does all the physical stuff – strength, flexibility, movement, balance, but it doesn’t stop there. Those aspects being addressed in the physical body cross over to the mental and spiritual side.

How great is it to be confident and strong, have emotional balance, be flexible in the moment and gracefully move from issue to issue? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were mostly pain free, felt good about ourselves and love all beings around us?

But what holds back people the most is worry and self-judgment. Many people worry about whether they can get into a pose and wondering if they will look like they don’t know what they’re doing. They also tend to be concerned that they won’t look like others in the room and they’re not doing it “right.” Or maybe they’re just not feeling good or may not want to deal with the issues which can arise.

The beautiful thing about yoga is that it works from the outside in.

First the body, then the mind, then the spirit. You can’t help but free yourself from those worries and judgments along the way. Yoga is for everyone.

Who I Teach

Many of my clients are people who:

  • might have injured themselves or been diagnosed with a medical condition and needs / wishes to enhance their mobility, flexibility or stamina. (I’m not a doctor or therapist. Please consult a qualified professional for a diagnosis).
  • have hectic lifestyles and are looking for a way to relieve stress.
  • have nagging aches and pains and want to change the way they are feeling physically, mentally or emotionally.
  • are wanting and / or looking for more from life and not really knowing where to turn.
  • have trouble taking care of themselves on a regular basis and want to be more empowered in their self-care.

Yoga for You

An individual program will be created and tailored to address your needs and areas of attention.

At the beginning of each session, we’ll check in, determine what is happening at that moment in time and modify the program accordingly for the session. We will work on regaining strength, movement, flexibility, breathing and balance while focusing in on the core need of the individual.

Together we will work to:

  • begin tuning into the body and learning how breath and movement affect not only postures, but everyday life.
  • learn how to modify / adjust within a posture, getting the maximum benefit of the pose while avoiding injury.
  • gain confidence and awareness, leading to acceptance of who and where you are in your practice.

Ultimately, you’ll come to realize that what happens in the yoga session carries forward into your world and begin moving towards a balanced body, mind and spirit.

Your Life, Your Practice

Most people are best served starting with weekly sessions to create a strong foundation. As you begin tuning into your body and assessing what’s “next”, private sessions can be scheduled further apart with “homework” during the off weeks. Homework can include a quick 15-minute home routine or joining a studio group class.

It’s all about finding what works best for you and how it fits your life and schedule.


  • Private Individual sessions: $80/hour or $400 for a 6-session card
  • Private Group sessions of 2-5 persons: $100/hour/group or $500 for a 6-session card
  • Private Group sessions of 6+ persons: $150/hour/group or $750 for a 6-session card

Reach Out Today

If you think you’d like to try an open studio group class that I currently teach, please come see me at Rise Yoga.

Or contact me directly to schedule your initial thirty (30) minute assessment.