Yoga Therapy

Individual or Group



Are You Searching For A Holistic Approach To Healing? 


Yoga therapy may be able to help you:

  • Improve your range of motion and overcome the physical effects of aging

  • Enhance your mobility, motor coordination and walking ability

  • Minimize the symptoms or stop the onset of debilitating migraines

  • Overcome chronic pain resulting from medical procedures

  • Improve loss of sensation resulting from medical conditions

  • Overcome a traumatic experience and release emotional pain held in the body

  • Manage symptoms of anxiety and prevent panic attacks

  • Recover from a sports injury, car accident or military-related injury

Would you like to improve your quality of life and find the sense of peace, motivation and empowerment needed to take ownership of your mental and physical well-being?

Everyone Can Benefit From Yoga Therapy

We live in a highly competitive culture that demands as much of our bodies as it does of our brains. Whether you are working overtime on the factory floor, putting in extra hours behind the desk or managing the overwhelming burden of familial duties, daily responsibilities can take a physical and emotional toll. And that’s not even considering the harmful impact that work and life stress have on the heart, mind and body.

To combat these stressors, we often exercise, play sports or sit at home in front of the television or computer. But, even in trying to relax, we sometimes find ourselves at risk. Injuries, chronic pain and reduced range of motion are common byproducts of sport and exercise. And using electronics as a means of escapism tends to numb our conscious state without offering any lasting benefits to our peace of mind. If you are struggling to cope with a medical condition, traumatic experience or anxiety issues, you may feel that talk therapy or medication alone is not doing the trick.

Fortunately, Western science is growing increasingly aware of the benefits of yoga. More and more doctors are combining aspects of mental health counseling, yoga and physical therapy to create a more comprehensive approach to healing. That’s why, with the help of a skilled and experienced yoga therapist, you can work toward healing your mind and body, increasing your spiritual awareness and improving your overall well-being.

Yoga Therapy Can Benefit Mind, Body and Spirit

Working with a dedicated and compassionate yoga therapist can give you a greater awareness of your body. It can show where you are physically storing mental and physical pain and offer alternatives to a lifetime of medication. Healing through yoga can also help you reduce stress, overcome limitations and cultivate true inner peace—something that is often underrated in our culture.

Building upon a foundation of compassion and respect, we’ll begin our sessions by talking about possible causes of your pain. Is it a result of an injury, accident, medical procedure, traumatic experience or mental health condition? Whatever your history, we’ll explore how your condition affects you daily, the limitations it imposes upon you and your personal goals for the future. I’ll examine your body mechanics—how you move, stand and sit—while identifying problematic tendencies that may be causing or increasing your pain.

Then, adapting my expertise to your needs, I will help you get in touch with your physical and mental self while presenting you with ways to improve upon your overall well-being. For example, I’ll teach you techniques, postures and exercises to alleviate stress, build strength and find physical and mental relief. And, I’ll help you create individualized mantras, motivational strategies and routines that you can take home and practice on your own.

Depending on your level of comfort, we can work together in a group environment or I can provide you with private yoga sessions. If you are dealing with an injury, we can focus on improving your mobility and range of motion. If you are recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury, we can use exercises that can facilitate improved sensation and function by rewiring new neural pathways to compensate for injured areas of the brain.

If you are recovering from a traumatic experience, I can help you minimize somatic pain and let go of the mental anguish stored in the body. And, if you are dealing with stress and anxiety issues, I will teach you mindfulness techniques that can help you regulate intense emotions and physical sensations, bringing your mind and body back into balance.  

I know from personal experience just how effective therapeutic yoga is for overcoming pain, the effects of aging and even the need for certain medications. Whether you want to let go of the past, are looking for a natural alternative for stress relief or just want to be happier, healthier and more emotionally balanced, yoga therapy can offer you enduring change.


    I think therapeutic yoga could be right for me, but I still have a few concerns…

    I don’t think I’m the kind of person who could get into therapeutic yoga.

    Therapeutic yoga is much more than just postures and the stereotypes you get exposed to through mainstream pop culture. While it’s not a religion and doesn’t require any particular belief system to be of benefit, it can offer a path to greater spiritual fulfillment. It has a meditative element that can help people in profound ways that are just now becoming understood, accepted and promoted by medical and psychological sciences.

    And don’t worry if you have tried meditation before but found it to be too static to hold your attention. The inherent combination of movement and breath in yoga provides a calmness, bodily awareness and mindfulness aspect that can transform the way you interact with yourself and the world around you.

    Why therapeutic yoga instead of physical therapy or mental health counseling?

    As I have mentioned before, therapeutic yoga can work in tandem with both physical therapy and mental health counseling to provide a more rounded, comprehensive approach to healing. The spiritual, physical and meditative aspects of yoga combine to generate a therapeutic process that simultaneously works internally and externally.

    This process allows your body and mind to grow stronger and heal as you naturally tap into something greater than the sum of your parts. Whatever your belief system may be, yoga can help you strengthen that connection and empower yourself to take control of all aspects of your well-being.

    I think my unique situation may make doing therapeutic yoga impossible.

    Regardless of your age or physical health, yoga is something anyone can do. I’ve helped many people with physical impairments and limitations overcome the very things that initially discouraged them from practicing in the first place. From accident victims and those born with disabilities to war veterans recovering from mental and physical anguish—I have seen firsthand the great healing power of therapeutic yoga.

    Therapeutic yoga is meant for those who need it—not just for the young or spry, but for the ailing, the aging and those who have tried everything else. Regardless of your perceived limitations, I’ll always make sure that the advantages of this healing process are accessible to you so that you can enjoy the blessings that I have.



    Let Yoga Therapy Reveal a New Way of Being

    If you are looking for a path to greater happiness, health and fulfillment in life, I encourage you to give my practice a try. Please call 520 269 2138 or contact me using the link at the bottom of the page for a free consultation. I would be honored to answer any questions you may have about my practice and how healing through yoga may be able to help you.