Dave Ashby

Finding Empowerment Through Yoga

 Dave Ashby, Yoga Teacher and Instructor, Yoga Therapist Intern

Dave Ashby, Yoga Teacher and Instructor, Yoga Therapist Intern

Hi, I’m Dave!

People are often intimidated by yoga because of aches & pains, concerns with how they look, think they’re not doing it right, wondering if it’s the right thing for them, believe they don’t have the time, etc.

I know from my own path that forcing myself to conform to look like those around me and pushing myself way beyond my limits has led to significant back pain and frustration of not fitting in. That said,

I’d like to help you get beyond this obstacle so you can truly experience all the advantages of your yoga practice.

The rewards of yoga are real! I’ve been practicing since 2009. I truly believe from this I’ve reduced (in some cases eliminated) my daily medications. The aches and pains of maturity have minimized. My awareness of my physical body is greatly increased – I’ve learned to listen to what it’s telling me. I find peace in the beauty of my surroundings. I’m better able to love and be kind to myself and my fellow beings.

    Why Yoga?

    When you’re mobile and physically feeling good, your mind is better able to quiet and focus, giving you the opportunity to find your true self.


    Yoga for a Thriving Life

    I help people use yoga to increase flexibility, strength, stamina, and their general well-being as they move through mid-life. I support them with care in finding their unique postural shape and style, in working with breath to enhance their experience, in gaining body awareness and connecting with themselves, so that they can relieve stress, face their limitations and find inner peace!

    I believe that self-care through a consistent yoga practice will change your world. That’s why I hope you schedule a consultation today.

    How I Teach

    Some aha revelations from my own practice (even though I was told many times before they would happen) that have shaped my approach to how I teach are:

    Yoga is more than postures.

    It didn’t take long to start believing that not only was I calmer, but my spirit was brighter. I began looking forward to other opportunities my life was presenting.

    I don’t have to look like everyone else to get the benefits of a yoga posture.

    I might not be able to fold or bend like others, but those muscles and joints get the same effect. I may never be able to touch my forehead to my shin and it doesn’t matter. I still get the benefits.

    There is no "right way" in yoga.

    I can move at my own pace and still be part of a group. I can modify a posture and still have the same shape as others. I can breathe and feel the healing effects of life entering my body just like everyone else. The only wrong yoga is when it hurts and I don’t back off.

    What happens on my yoga mat carries forward into real life.

    As I began connecting and treating myself better, I realized I was doing the same with those around me. My relationships with family members got so much better.


    The work of yoga is contagious!

    The more I practice and study, the more I want to share and participate in the world. It was at more than 2 years into my practice, I was laying rest posture (Savasana) after a session and the realization came over me that I felt good. Not just physically, inside I was calm and peaceful. I want the same for you.